Migrant Madness hits Madrid

Mike Walsh

A Madrid suburb was left in ruins and counting the cost as a community was “Left in Ruins” after mobs of African marauders rampaged through the inner city district of Lavapiés. The insurrection and frightening incidents occurred following the death by heart attack of one of their number ~ which they claimed was racist.

! Save them from racism

Sub-Saharan Africans burned and slashed their way through Lavapiés after a Senegalese illegal immigrant, known as Mame Mbaye Ndiaye, died of heart attack while being chased by police for illegal street vending.


The African immigrant penchant for the peddling of fake and clandestine goods is widespread throughout Mediterranean Europe. Tourists visiting Spain, Portugal and Italy are constantly distracted by hulking African men selling fake goods. As fast as they are arrested and stock confiscated African peddlers are released to continue their illegal activities.

The violence started after Ndiaye, who was selling items in Puerta del Sol, a busy tourist area in central Madrid, was stopped by police and asked for identification.


Although his death was purely due to natural causes, fellow Blacks, egged on by self-styled anti-racist activists immediately called it “racist” and riots soon erupted. This was confirmed by the Director General of the Madrid police, Germán López Iglesias.


Cheikh Ndiaye, the president of AISE, a loosely-knit association of Senegalese immigrants in Spain, referred to the death as “a racist attack” and described the heart seizure as a “violent criminal act of the state.”


Rampaging Africans burned plastic waste bins, blocked narrow streets and set fire to a bank and nearby buildings. When police arrived, those described as ‘guests from the black holes of hell’ bombarded the officers with rocks and paving stones.


Police said six people were arrested. According to the Madrid region’s emergency services, 20 people were treated for injuries, including 16 police officers. The riots continued for two nights, Spanish media reports said but were largely ignored by the controlled English language media.

Around 29,000 Africans invaded Spain last year, either by directly landing on the coast or swarming over the fences at the two Spanish territories in northern Africa. So far this year, 3,976 Africans have successfully invaded Spain via these two routes.

Source: https://europeansworldwide.wordpress.com/2018/03/19/migrant-madness-hits-madrid/

Mike Walsh  26. März 2018
Rubrik: Minderheiten/Flüchtlinge/Migration

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