Karaferye (Veroia) in the 1790s: How much can the Kadi Sicilleri tell us?

Antonis Anastasopoulos

The 1790s were in Karaferye not a time of revolutionary changes, but, when examined as part of a long continuum, they contributed to breeding phenomena that were later to fully develop and dominate the early part of the nineteenth century (to name but a few: rise of nationalism, revolts and revolutions for national liberation, state reforms, issues of orientation and identity)

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‘Illyrians’ in ancient ethnographic discourse

Danijel Dzino

The label ‚Illyrians‘ was used in different contexts, probably developing as an ethnographic generalisation of foreigners related to similar indigenous language(s). In all certainty it developed in the sixth century BC but the evidence we have appears only in the fifth century. Later perceptions of Illyrians arc related to political and territorial contexts, first to the political alliance of the Hellenistic-era Illyrian kingdom, and after that to the Roman use of this term in the context of early imperial expansion.
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